Tips and Eigg Contacts

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Important links to local Eigg information for your stay:
  • : Everything Eigg - much more information than is covered here.  If you have questions, this is the site.

  • Eigg Adventures : Outdoor resource specialist - bikes, kayaks, hiking, etc.

  • Isle of Eigg shop : Groceries, fruit and veg, drinks, and necessities.  Fresh meat, fish and bread deliveries scheduled through the week.  The post office is also found inside the shop.   

Getting To and Around on Eigg

Getting to Eigg isn't as easy as some places, but then Eigg isn't like most other places...

  • Parking for your car:  To reduce the wear and tear of the few roads the island has and support their infrastructure, the only cars, motorcycles or trucks allowed on the island are for residents.  

    • An exception to this is made for people who are registered as disabled and they can receive a permit for their car here.

    • Long term parking is available for everyone else in Mallaig at the following locations:

It is smart to arrive early for the ferry to secure a parking space because the availability is limited and to allot time for walking to the Mallaig Ferry Terminal.

Once you arrive to the ferry pier, getting to Tigh Eilidh can be scheduled through:

  • Taxi Service:  Charlie Galli  at +44 01687 482404 

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Recycling and Resource Conservation on Eigg and Tigh Eilidh

In efforts to protect and maintain the environment on the Isle of Eigg, there are several points that you should know when visiting:

  • All electricity is generated on Eigg for the use of the population.  Using a combination of renewable solar, wind and water power, everyone shares the output of Eigg Electric through purchased credits.  When you come to Tigh Eilidh, we will make sure the house has enough credit for the length of your stay.  If you should use this credit up, you will need to purchase more at the Galmisdale Pier for a nominal fee.  Please email or give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.  Electrical credit can be stretched by making sure lights are turned off when you leave rooms, not using multiple electrical devices (especially a hair dryer!) at the same time and not keeping computers up and running when you aren’t using them.

  • During the busy summer months, especially if there has been a dry year, water shortages can effect the island.  If we know about this possibly effecting your stay at Tigh Eilidh, we will be sure to notify you in advance.  Please try to be conscientious about your water usage when showering or working in the kitchen.

  • Recycling is a must on an island, as so many things which are brought to the island must eventually be sent back to the mainland.  Recycling bins are available next to the front door for the sorting and disposal of recyclable items and refuse.  You can find the guide of what is allowed or not in the house and/or see it here.